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          Oakbrook News

          % College Acceptance


          % College Acceptance
          + AP Classes


          + AP Classes
          Athletic Teams


          Athletic Teams
          + Hours of Student Community Service


          + Hours of Student Community Service

          Your Questions Answered

          9000-6985-7 Oakbrook Preparatory School.

          For more information visit our uniform policies section.

          Students in grades K3-4th

          Yes, students in K3-9th

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Lower School Students K-5th will have access to school iPads in the classrooms.

          6th -

          504 Gateway Time-out

          7th -8th are grandfathered into the iPad program and are strongly encouraged

          Upper School Students 9th - 12th 504 Gateway Time-out

          Our families use RenWeb, a Learning Management System, enabling them to view weekly lesson plans, assignments, grades, and test dates. It also allows our parents to change their information, access school directories, calendars, volunteer opportunities and receive electronic news from school staff.

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          With an average SAT score of 1382 for the top 25% of the class and a top score of 1540 (1232 average for entire class) for the Class of 2020, Oakbrook Preparatory’s average scores are well above the local, state and national averages.

          504 Gateway Time-out

          The Class of 2019 included

          • 5 SC Palmetto Fellow scholars
          • 30 SC Life scholars
          • 7 SC Hope Scholars .
          • 3 NCAA college athletes.
          • 5 Honors College students
          • 1 Morehead Cain Scholar
          • 1 National Merit Scholar
          • 7 AP Scholars
          • 1 AP Scholar with Honor
          • 4 AP Scholars with Distinction
          • 1 National AP Scholar
          • 1 USC Top Scholar

          Email us at admissions@oakbrookprep.org and we will be happy to help.

          For information on career opportunities, click here.